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Alexander Mark


Alexander Mark is a versatile
creator who finds balance between innovation and function.



Home Goods
Service Design



Commonly known by nicknames such as Alex or Xander, Alexander has always taken pleasure in the making of things from the first tape-and-crayon book he ever made, to the design work and musical creations he comes up with today. To him, design is the ideal synthesis of visual and functional work; a way to creatively improve the world and the lives of those around us. He chose UC because of its broader approach to design in being a university as well as having a tremendously useful co-op program that gives practical experience and an opportunity for growth outside of a school setting. In choosing DAAP for his industrial design education, he focused his efforts on developing a balanced skill set that could find use in any creative situation.

Each of Alexander's co-op experiences have focused on a different aspect of design and self growth. At his first work semester, he learned numerous prototyping technologies as well as the joy of creating music. In Kansas City, he explored early stages of design research and user testing while also adventuring through the city's nooks and crannies in his free time. Along the way, through studying both objective and subjective materials, he found a love for all things and an active interest in many others. He hopes to give back what he's learned through teaching and designing for others.

In a study abroad semester, Alexander lived in Germany for five months while taking part in a sponsored studio designing solutions for a glass working company. Unable to take his digital keyboard with him, he began learning the harmonica and guitar while continuing to expand his world view through travel and reading. He also learned about manufacturing practices and material properties, which were expanded upon in his most recent work semester at an agency designing home goods for manufacture.

Coming into his final semester before graduation, Alexander utilized his passion for music and craft to create an instrument designed to introduce players to the fundamentals of music playing and offer them a simple, understandable entry point into music theory. Moving forward, he plans on continuing to grow both as a designer and a person. Utilizing his functional skill set and innate curiosity, he hopes to make worthy products that serve a purpose in the world, all the while making friends and sharing insights along the way.