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Alex Bowman


Alex Bowman has abandoned traditional ID for architectural visualization and animation.






Alex Bowman discovered industrial design back in high school through a love of being creative and an interest in logic and making tangible things. Industrial Design was the perfect marriage of the two, allowing for creativity, logical thinking, and creating real things. Funnily enough, once he got to DAAP, he discovered that the ‘creating/fabricating things’ part of industrial design was not where his true passion was, but rather it was in the rendering side of the process.

Alex’s path has been a bit unconditional when compared to the traditional industrial design student. Once he discovered his affection for rendering he started co-oping at places that were more focused on that sort of stuff. At Sonoco he was given an introduction into rendering where he rendered displays and some product, then at Chute Gerdeman he did renderings of restaurant and retail spaces and after that he went to Mertz Design Studio where he did some of the same spatial stuff with an addition of product renderings. He is very grateful for all of the opportunities he was given throughout his career here at UC. Every job that he got (and didn’t get) was important and valuable in the process of discovering his passion.

After graduation, Alex hopes to continue in the path of visualization whether that be of spaces, restaurant, retail or home, of experiential marketing events or of product. He also has strong interests in 3D animation as well as virtual reality. So any jobs including those would be cool as well.

Alex loves to learn new things and new ways of doing things. Most of his projects on his website are great examples of this. He has found that any time he wants to learn something new in a program, the best way to do that is by turning it into a fun side project so that the proper motivation and quality level are there. This has manifested itself into a website full of work that is for the most part side projects rather than school projects or work projects, though there are a few of those.