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Alex Malblanc


Alex Malblanc is an avid creator of beautiful experiences that bring joy to the everyday narrative.






Alex Malblanc discovered design his sophomore year of high school after shadowing several different employees at his mother's office. He was supposed to be figuring out what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, but after following around half a dozen engineers for three consecutive days, he was just bored. On day four, thanks to a scheduling conflict, Alex was unexpectedly pawned off on a nearby designer. The designer sat down with Alex and, over the course of a 5 minute conversation, explained what industrial design was, all the while drawing a car in perfect perspective. Alex had never seen such abstract artistic skills applied to such concrete, real world problem solving. He became enamored with the idea of being that good at, well, anything, and two years later Alex was accepted to DAAP's industrial design program. 

Over the course of Alex's design career, he began with a strong focus in toys at Hasbro, enjoying the idea of bringing fun to those around him. Over time, this interest in creating joy moved from the realm of toys into a broader view of experiences. By viewing systems holistically and addressing all their components, Alex learned he could create meaningful, satisfying interactions in just about any realm. Alex learned to love not just the results of his work, but the process of invention itself, from research to validation to ideation to prototyping, and back again. He learned that every experience we own is defined by an interaction; whether that be with an app or a product or another person, and that this everyday narrative defines our lives. Many people lock themselves into their patterns, and in doing so miss out on something incredible, often by mere inches. Alex became fascinated with subverting this narrative; creating ideas that change our patterns, and experiences that let us escape from our routines. From 3-D printed toys, to hands-free child proofing; from dance battles to a foodie networking app, Alex hopes that his creations bring a little bit of adventure to his users. 

Pulling together everything he learned over the course of his DAAP career, Alex's senior CAPStone is a board game that combines his interests in physical iteration, game theory, systemic thinking, and tongue-in-cheek humor. Following graduation, Alex will be Kickstarting his game in order to self-publish, as well as seeking full-time employment in whatever form that might take. In addition, Alex will be traveling around the U.S. to compete in competitive all-styles dance competitions as a member of Lean Machine dance crew.