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Allison Busby


Allison Busby is an empathetic designer who wants to create products that are pretty with a purpose.






Allison has always had an interest in brand and fashion since a very young age, when she identified and refused to wear a pair of Old Navy shoes at one-year-old. Her interest in art and design continued through to high school where she was involved in architecture and art classes. Her junior year, she was introduced to industrial design by her art teacher, and before she knew it she was accepted into DAAP.

Allison has had a wide variety of co-op experiences, working at Westrock in Baltimore, Element Product Design Studio in Cincinnati, L Brands in Columbus, and finally Fossil Group in Dallas. Her most recent internship experiences shaped her interests and career aspirations the most. L Brands brought in her past in architecture and love for experiential design as a member of the Bath & Body Works and La Senza Innovations team. Her final internship was on the Kate Spade Watch Design team at Fossil Group where she worked heavily in the realm of quirky and humorous novelty watches. She will have multiple novelty designs going into production in the coming 2017 and 2018 seasons. 

While in DAAP, she was also selected to participate in the Study Abroad program and spent a semester in Melbourne, Australia. Her courses of study while abroad included a Design and Business Strategy class which sparked a higher interest in branding for her. In between schoolwork, she spent time traveling to destinations within Australia. She then took a hiking tour around Tasmania, bus tour in New Zealand, and hung out on the beach in Fiji and Hawaii before returning home to Ohio. She considers her international travel one of the greatest experiences in her life so far, and is planning on her next adventures to be traveling within the United States.

Her experiences in DAAP led to her final capstone concept. She is designing a set of transformative jewelry for traveling young professionals that will be able to accommodate for any event or activity. After graduation she plans on pursuing a job and gaining skills in experiential design, branding, and accessory design. She hopes to return to school one day to supplement her knowledge of branding and design to advance her career.