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Andrew LeTourneau


Andrew LeTourneau is a digital designer who wants to use virtual reality and visualization to tell the untold stories of people around the world.



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Andrew LeTourneau is a digital designer who specializes in visualization and virtual reality. His co-ops have spanned multiple industries from packaging at Pratt Display and Wrigley, store design at Chico's FAS, and most recently digital design at Chute Gerdeman. It wasn't until his final co-op at Chute Gerdeman that he felt at home working on architectural visualizations. Under great mentorship, he was pushed to grow rapidly as a digital designer and was motivated to continue growing outside of work.

During his third year in DAAP, Andrew started gravitating towards environmental design after being inspired by the work of Bjarke Ingels and other architects. Over the next few years he used every opportunity he had to design a new space.  Eventually, he found his strengths to be on the technical side, and looked more towards architectural visualization as a future career. His work quickly became focused solely on the specific details aimed at getting most realism out of each render.

Combining his passion for visualization along with interests in new technology, Andrew quickly became drawn to virtual and augmented reality. While working at Chute Gerdeman, Andrew was able to participate on a virtual visualization of a housing complex, which further strengthened his desire to create VR content. Andrew has combined his passion for VR with a desire to tell the stories of the less fortunate. Paired with his skills in environmental design and visualization, he now focuses on immersing himself in the world of game design. Player experiences and optimization are his new challenges as he looks to begin a career in this field.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that Andrew is a totally chill dude and doesn't normally talk about himself in the third person, or at all for that matter. He's totally down to go camping or for a bike ride or a run. He's definitely a 10/10 dog lover but he's also highly allergic which is his biggest internal struggle by far. He likes all the music you like and you would probably get along real well, you should talk to him some time.