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Annie Han


Annie Han is a multicultural designer who creates happiness for the user through the connection of emotion and form aesthetics.



Consumer Electronics



Annie Han found her design passion in her early teens, wanting to become a person who creates beautiful automobiles and kitchen appliances. Having had a love for the arts all her life, she pursued design and creativity throughout her childhood and high school, excelling in her skills of sketching and building. She eventually discovered DAAP, one of the best industrial design schools, and left the East Coast to move to the Midwest.

Through 5 years of DAAP, Annie Han has practiced industrial design in the industries of packaging, hardware, audio, consumer electronics, and appliances. She worked in corporations with international operations, and her work consisted of collaborating with design teams as well as cross-disciplinary departments, both domestically and internationally. Through the many different internships, she traveled around the Midwest region, and on her third year, she took advantage of the International Exchange Program to study abroad in Germany for 8 months. She traveled for the multi-cultural experiences of Europe and came to understand different mindsets of international design thinking. The combination of that experience and her last internship resulted in her passion for glass packaging design. She is currently working on her Senior Capstone, focused on the connection between form and emotion.

In the future, Annie hopes to become either a kitchen appliance designer or glass packaging designer, influencing international markets with multi-cultural inspiration and innovation. At the same time, she hopes to continue honing her sketching and 3D modeling skills to become an expert in many different 3D modeling programs—CAD modeling as well as digital clay sculpting. Eventually, she wants to move to Germany as well as live in many other countries afterward to learn about their culture and design language, and utilize the knowledge back in the United States market.