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Ben Wulker


Ben Wulker enjoys the conceptual side of design and exploring his imagination with a pen.



Consumer Electronics
Furniture & Home Goods
Sporting Goods



Ben Wulker was a designer before he knew he could be a designer. For as long as he can remember, Ben has always enjoyed creating and drawing. Some of his first memories are of painting airplanes on an easel in pre-k. Early influences included comics by Jim Borgman and Stephan Pastis, his own grandparents' artistic hobbies, and a fascination of airplanes and jets. Growing up with the digital revolution, products like Gameboys, iPods, and flip phones captured his imagination as they gradually evolved and went through many iterations. Ben would often spend long car rides with a pad of paper, coming up with his own ideas for the next generation of the iPod. High school courses in drafting, painting, and architecture helped push Ben towards industrial design, an unknown profession to him at the time. Once he learned he could sketch for a living that pretty much sealed the deal. It also helped that DAAP was practically in his backyard.

While in school, Ben has found a groove in sketching and rendering. Detailed, accurate Photoshop renders have become a laborious pleasure, and a great substitute for the paintings and sculptures from high school art classes. Since beginning his education in the industrial design program, Ben has had the opportunity to gain professional experience and build upon what he has learned in school through the co-op program. This program has led him to five internships with four different companies in three states. The jobs were each unique in their own way, and were all vastly different experiences.  From working as a contractor reviewing sketches on his boss's basement ping pong table, to working for a company that employs over 100k globally, the process has certainly taught him a lot. Through these experiences and continuous practice in school, Ben has come to find an interest in the consumer product side of things, but ultimately enjoys being able to take a pen and some markers and start solving problems.

After graduation, Ben will seek a full time position wherever in the world that may be. He is also open to exploring the areas of design he has yet to experience by seeking a post grad apprenticeship or internship. Ben has found he can enjoy almost any type of design challenge, and loves to learn on the job. He would like to find a job that provides a lot of variety in work, whether corporate or consultancy or somewhere in between, and holds design as a strong focus.