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Bradley Willis


Bradley Willis is a imaginative thinker with the passion and skills to design tomorrow.



Power Tools



Bradley had been a tinkerer and designer from birth. He grew up playing with Legos and Lincoln Logs all the time and built everything he could dream up. He would take his father's tools and tear down his toys to understand how they functioned and how they were built. Growing up working on cars and helping fix things around the house gave him direction to become an engineer. He loved airplanes and cars and all other sorts of technology. Going back to the Lego foundations, he was more interested in the design of the product. He never heard the term industrial design until a friend told him about DAAP in the 11th grade. After a tour of DAAP and more research he had his heart set on becoming an industrial designer. Six years later, he has made it through the trials and tribulations of DAAP and 5 design internships and is ready to go out into the world and help create the future. 

Over the past 5 years, Bradley has learned valuable skills and improved them exponentially. With each round of school and co-op, he has soaked up everything he could from the professionals he worked with and implemented that knowledge into his own work in the following semester of studios. Having completed 5 internships across 3 different companies, he has fine-tuned his skill set and style and has developed a taste for the industry and which field of design he would like to be part of upon graduation. His first two internships were at Auto Vehicle Parts Company in Cold Spring, Ky. There he gained valuable skills in photography and photoshop. His third internship was in the summer of 2015 in New Bremen, Ohio as a model shop intern with Crown Equipment Corporation. There he acquired many skills necessary for model making and fabrication. He even learned the necessity of wearing long sleeves when welding.  His final two internships were spent in sunny Anderson, SC at Techtronic Industries. There he worked in a great studio environment working for brands such as RIDGID, RYOBI, ECHO, and many others. He expanded his skills across the board developing power tools and outdoor power equipment. He grew his passion for 3D modeling and rapid prototyping. He even had his first project go to market last year in The Home Depot; the new Ridgid 2-speed drill/driver.

This coming September, Bradley will marry the love of his life and start a new life. He hopes to be an industrial designer with a company that allows him to use his knowledge and skills the best he can and to learn and improve new skills. Down the road many years he wants to mentor ID students going through school or on internships much like how he was mentored by key figures through school and co-ops.