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Brandi Berkemeier


Brandi Berkemeier is a fashion-forward gal with an eye for trends and aesthetic appeal.



Soft Goods
Sporting Goods



Ever since Brandi was young, she had always had an eye for detail, a niche for fashion, and a creative side. Her passion for art and design ultimately lead her to DAAP, where she discovered the field of industrial design. Being born and raised in Cincinnati, DAAP seemed like a no brainer: it was in her backyard, it was a place where people appreciated creativity, and it was also a way for her to combine her love of products and fashion.

Being an industrial design student has allowed Brandi to gain experience ranging from accessories to footwear all the way to apparel. She looks at design with a sophisticated, yet fun and edgy twist. This has allowed her to contribute to design projects for companies such as DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Frontgate, and Vans working on products ranging from jewelry, to outdoor rugs, all the way to shoes.

When Brandi is not at school you can typically find her at her part-time job as a sales associate at Kay Jewelers. Even with her busy schedule, she makes sure she pencils time in for her long runs, doggie kisses, and her yoga practice—as this all helps keep her sane. Shopping is definitely a (major) hobby of hers, designing is a huge passion, and schooling is currently her life.

Upon graduation Brandi intends to further her education by enrolling in the University of Cincinnati's Master of Business Program. As she continues her education she will also be developing her own soft good designs.