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Bryce Wong


Bryce Wong is just an everyday, average Joe like you and me, who likes to make things and have fun while doing it. 



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For as long as he could remember, Bryce has always been creative. From the moment he could move his hands, he was holding a pencil. Ideas swirled around him like a vortex of cosmic energy, his pencil an almighty scepter with which he brought beauty and creativity into this world. Whether drawing in the margin of his composition notebook, or listlessly sculpting his mashed potatoes at dinner, he was always creating. Though he loved art, a love of practicality forever chained his lofty ambitions. Therefore, he channeled this effort into design. When it came time to pick a school he searched far and wide for an institution worthy of his genius. In defiance of his parents every wish, Bryce chose not to become a doctor, and instead decided to pursue industrial design. Though many candidates were considered, DAAP, and its strong co-op program rose above the rest.

Throughout his time at DAAP, Bryce pursued many interests both practical and bizarre. Whether smithing mouth harps in forge, or sculpting small kaijus, an air of eccentricity was always present in everything he did. This transitioned into his classwork as well. Semester projects went from ordinary to extraordinary in the blink of an eye, textures meld with color as the banal is shifted just left of normal. The comfortable is brought before the jury of expectation as Bryce mounts a compelling trial against all the design world hold dear. Unique in style and execution, Bryce is known for sleek chic that's always on fleek. This outstanding style did not go unnoticed, as Bryce was soon hired for several lifestyle and footwear co-ops. There he learned to bind his talents in the mortal realm so us plebeians could understand them. He continues tirelessly to pursue this goal.

Post-grad, Bryce is waiting for what the future might hold. There are several gilded paths he sees before him, but he is unsure of which to take. There is nothing on his horizon except everything. Everything is on his horizon. Please hire him.