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Cameron Bresn


Cameron Bresn is a designer focused on providing innovative solutions for modern and future mobility. 






From a young age, Cameron consistently gravitated towards drawing, and would spend hours creating illustrations and designs inspired by creatures and animals in his favorite kids shows, while learning traditional art techniques and mediums. Around the age of 12, his passion for art led to a creative interest in car design, and started the journey to his current position in the design world. His interest developed throughout his teenage years and into college, and slowly pushed him towards all facets of mobility and industrial design by opening the door into the world of design that drives him today.

His experience at University of Cincinnati's DAAP began as a familiar one, developing a set of fundamentals for product and industrial design. Throughout the program, Cameron had the incredible opportunity to work with a vast variety of different industries and individuals that shaped the outlook he has on design. He was fortunate enough to experience co-ops and internships that pushed him around the world and provided him a global outlook on his work. His professional experience includes internships at vehicle design firms Tesla Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen as well as valuable industrial design experience through Boston Whaler boats, and Priority Designs product consultancy. As a student, Cameron participated in multiple sponsored studios, competitions, and projects including winning the 2014 Volkswagen Design Competition, the Ziba-Eastman Design Competition, and being a finalist in the Hankook Mobility Tire Competition and the GM Interactive Design competition.

Cameron's current focus is in vehicle interior and exterior design, and is fluent in all stages of the vehicle design process. Throughout his experiences, Cameron has undergone significant personal and guided growth, and through the help and support of his peers and professors is now established in a position to take on the professional world of design. After graduation Cameron intends on working within the automotive industry as an interior or exterior designer, and hopes to provide an impact to the increasingly changing automotive product space. His passion for design is only beginning, with intentions of continuing his learning in illustration, concept development, art, and concept design.