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Carolina Martinez Rodulfo


Carolina Martinez Rodulfo believes in creating unique experiences that delight people with beautiful, thought-out products that are long lasting.



Soft Goods



Carolina's design interests lie outside of traditional product design, being excited by fashion and toy design. She is passionate about creating products that bring wonder and spark imagination in others. She wants to challenge ways of thinking as well as focusing on more emotional design cues such as aesthetics in her products. Being passionate about all forms of art from a young age, she sees design as an opportunity to create beautiful products that are of high quality by being well made and of long lasting materials.

She has co-op experiences working twice with toy company Hasbro, decorative home hardware company Liberty Hardware, and designing watches for fashion brand Marc Jacobs. She has an "outside the box" thinking mindset from studying abroad in Florence, Italy for one semester. She looks at the products she designs with an analytical consumer approach derived from her marketing minor.

She enjoys projects that challenge her to learn new programs or design methods. She believes in collaboration to make design results stronger, and has a "one for all, all for one" work ethic. The quality of her work is very important to her, taking time to concentrate on details and reasons behind each design feature. In her work ethic as well as in life, Carolina believes in doing things the right way as opposed to the easy way because that's how the best results come about.

She would be most excited to work at a fashion or toy company, in a CAD modeling heavy or styling-based design role.