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Casey Harmon


Casey Harmon is a halfway-functioning adult and a full-functioning designer, driven by curiosity and enrichment.



Service Design


L/T Website

Casey Harmon is an industrial designer with experience in branding, furniture, toy, spacial, experiental, graphic and product design. As a designer, Casey maintains her openness and experimentative tendencies by choosing to have not one single area of focus. Instead, she finds enjoyment through the challenge of projects with subject matters that are foreign and new to her. Through these exciting moments of uncertainty and discovery, she is given the opportunity to expand her knowledge as well as her sense of curiosity.

Throughout her time at UC, Casey has, primarily, co-oped at consultancies along the east coast, including New York, Massachusetts, and New Orleans. She has used her passion for design to assist her in her travel ambitions. Casey studied abroad at KAIST in The Republic of Korea for a semester along with co-oping abroad in Croatia.

After graduation Casey plans to take some time off by taking a solo, two-month backpacking trip through Spain. Before settling down and committing to a full-time job, she hopes to volunteer abroad for a short time, working to enrich the lives of others and learning from different cultures. Her long-term career goals include consultancy work, continued partnership through L/T, and the pursuit of side projects that will bring about smiles. A hairless guinea pig as a companion and some sun wouldn't hurt.