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Chloe Georgiades


Chloe Georgiades is a passionate designer who's always up for a new challenge.



Consumer Electronics
Sporting Goods



During Chloe's time in school, she's felt fortunate to have some incredible opportunities, interning at award-winning consultancies MNML and Whipsaw, as well as Fortune 100 company Johnson & Johnson. She studied in Germany, where she was exposed to a rational and systematic approach to design, and worked in Silicon Valley, where she improved efficiency. Never one to turn down an adventure, Chloe spent a month traveling through Europe by train, a semester exploring San Francisco via moped, and completed two road trips across the US--all in the past year and a half.

Chloe credits UC's co-op program for shaping her into a well-rounded and thoughtful designer. She enjoys all stages of the design process, particularly the excitement of rapid ideation and the satisfaction of final visualizations. She hopes to bring her enthusiasm for design to an equally energetic firm where she can contribute to interesting, meaningful, and varied projects.

You can learn more about Chloe's work on her website