We are the DAAP ID class of makers and creators, dreamers and schemers, thinkers, designers, and oddballs.

Cody Jackson


Cody Jackson is a creative designer who loves solving problems and making solutions beautiful and intuitive.



Design Research
Sporting Goods



From a young age Cody loved drawing, designing, and creating new things. He loved taking things apart from around the house, drawing up blueprints for "secret inventions" and often tried to make them. As he got older he enjoyed classes in high school such as wood shop, metal shop and art class, where he was able to express his creative drive. In his first year of college he wasn't sure what he wanted to major in. So he chose to take an exploratory year at UC. During this time he heard about industrial design and realized it was a perfect fit.

During his time in DAAP, Cody learned a lot about designing meaningful products that can actually serve a purpose. As well as making those products beautiful and user-centered. For one of his projects he decided to design a new single person rowing shell. And not only that, he decided to build the full scale 13ft boat in his living room (to the dismay of his landlord) and then test it on the water. For his most recent project he designed a watch that would help lost adventurers get rescued faster. He has co-oped at a variety of places such as Hamilton Sorter, Spin Master, and Ethicon. At Ethicon he was able to work on many things and even changed the course of a project. Some of the tools he designed were tested in labs, and some sent to the patent office for review.

Cody is excited for the things to come. He hopes to work for a company where he can contribute his thinking and skills to create meaningful tools and products that enrich the lives of others. He also hopes to eventually create his own small company designing and making things with his family. He is really excited to continue learning and honing his craft as a designer.