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Daniel Daugherty


Daniel Daugherty is moved by the happiness of others and uses design to make life a little more fun for everyone.



Soft Goods



In high school Daniel loved to draw and make things, but didn't really know if these skills offered a viable career option. Fortunately his school incorporated small learning communities where classes and students were segmented into different groups based on career paths. As part of the Aviation and Transportation community, he was exposed to shop and basic level engineering courses. School projects offered an introduction to Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks at a young age, and opened up a whole new world of opportunities and ideas. During his junior year he successfully modeled a CO2 powered derby car inspired by formula 1 racecars. The model was then programmed into the class's 3D printer and Daniel was able to add a CO2 cartridge and wheels to properly test the model. Interestingly enough, it wasn't until his senior year of high school when Daniel's parents met up with one of his old track coaches that the concept of industrial design was introduced. His coach was an ID student at Auburn and felt that based on what Daniel was doing in class that design might be the route to go.

Since beginning his journey at the University of Cincinnati, Daniel has competed for the mens track team as a 400 hurdler as well as the UC cheer team. In addition he has interned with companies across Ohio including Apex Supply Chain, The Little Tikes company, and Volume Studios in Chicago. During his co-op experience at Little Tikes he was moved by the impact the design process had on the children that play tested the concepts. Seeing the reactions and pure joy on all the faces was one of the most powerful experiences during his time at UC. This experience helped shape the reason for why he designs.

As he looks to the future and thinks about life after DAAP, Daniel would like to take advantage of any opportunity to learn new skills and refine old ones. With strong a interest in soft goods and entertainment there are areas in design that he would love to learn more about as he moves towards a more defined career in the design industry.