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Doug Cushing


Doug Cushing is a product designer that strives to create beautiful and intriguing objects.



Concept Ideation
Consumer Electronics




Doug believes very simply in creating "sweet stuff." Touring DAAP for the first time as a sophomore in high school, he immediately fell in love with the messy studios, rough mockups, and walls cluttered with sketches. Starting college in August 2012, Doug immediately began designing and creating things with his own personal "flair," but admits that a majority of these projects suffered from a lack of knowledge, skill, or from just being ugly.

Co-oping at companies such as iPDG, Farm PD, Nottingham-Spirk, and 3M Design, Doug credits his professional experience for his current skill level and design aesthetic, but admits that several school projects also helped alter his approach to product design. One such project occurred during the Fall 2015 semester. Doug had the opportunity to work with a multi-disciplinary team in a competition to develop and implement a new branding strategy and eyewear collection for Vogue Eyewear. After being chosen as the winners, Doug and his team pitched their concept to Luxottica executives, designers, and brand strategists. This experience, among others, allowed Doug to realize the importance of cross-disciplinary design and the benefit of learning skills applicable across all design fields.

In terms of process, Doug believes the best creative strategy is an organic workflow. Segmenting product design into divided categories (such as concept ideation, CAD modeling, prototyping) creates unintentional timelines. On several occasions, Doug has completed prototypes and user testing only to realize the need to completely re-design the concept. However; in his mind, this unrestricted process coupled with a mastering of the industrial design trade creates the most beautiful objects, and "sweet stuff."

Doug hopes to one day work in a design environment that allows him to advance all elements of his design repertoire and become a master of his craft, while also having the opportunity to learn and design within other disciplines such as branding and UI/UX.