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Erin Hurm


Erin Hurm is a practical, hands-on designer who enjoys turning concepts into reality.



Design Research



Erin grew up in southwestern Indiana, in a town called Newburgh. She has always had a creative spirit—in elementary school, she discovered a love for drawing and creating fantasy stories with her friends. She became active in online art communities in middle school, and in high school would submit her art to be exhibited at the county fair, often winning awards. She was also a strong student who enjoyed practical subjects, such as math and physics, and studied math at the highest level her high school offered. When it came time to choose her university and major, she could not decide which path to choose—the creative or the practical. She applied for mechanical engineering programs and considered majoring in architecture. It was on a tour for the architecture program at the University of Cincinnati that she saw the industrial design studios and took a great interest in the subject. She found it to be the perfect blend of art and science she was looking for, and has grown to love industrial design since.

Erin has always enjoyed working in a hands-on capacity, and it didn't take long at all to find that the area of design she found the most fulfilling was the implementation of ideas. Since she has been at DAAP, she has discovered a talent for 3D modeling as well as model-making. Her favorite parts of any project are seeing her ideas come to life as 3D models and/or prototypes, as well as tweaking her designs to perfection.
Erin has had four different co-op experiences with four completely different subjects: assistive technology, merchandising displays, floor care, and toys. She also studied abroad for a semester at a university just outside of Tokyo. Each of these experiences has taught her something new about the field and environment in which she would want to spend the next stage of her life.

After graduation, Erin does not have any solid plans. She would love to live in a medium-to-large size city, hopefully working within the toy industry but open to new experiences and opportunities to learn. She would love to travel, especially to Europe (as she has never been there), and possibly even live abroad for a few years. Her only goal for the future, aside from paying off her student loans, is to be happy.