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Grace Romeo


Grace Romeo is a strong believer in deliberate design, leaving no questions unanswered in order to create meaningful products and emotional user experiences.



Design Research



Grace has professional experience working in various design environments, including a corporation, a startup, and two different consultancies. These diverse experiences allowed her to participate in various approaches to solving real-world issues while developing professional and collaborative skills.

Grace's favorite projects and experiences have been those that encouraged team brainstorming and collaboration, where the dialogue is open and information flows in all directions. She always welcomes feedback and is constantly looking to refine herself as a designer as well as a person.

Upon graduation, Grace hopes to join the bustling consultancy world. She would love to be a part of a multidisciplinary team where she can increase her awareness of and involvement in the various facets of design. In her mind, the more involved the project the better, and every step in the design process introduces its own energy and excitement.