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Hannah Eber


Hannah Eber is an empathetic, analytical thinker who pursues solutions to complex problems.



Design Research
Service Design



Hannah discovered design through her love of creativity and her desire to make a big impact. The right-brained youngest in a family of mathematicians, she loved drawing letters and words for her friends, and spent most of her free time in music and dance programs. As she began looking into careers, Hannah saw industrial design as the merging of her creative and problem-solving worlds. So she left Maryland and came to Cincinnati, and during her first semester of ID classes at DAAP, she quickly realized her love for design research. She found that she loved talking with people about their experiences, listening to their feedback, and using that information to design a better solution.

Through a combination of studio projects and co-op experiences, Hannah has worked to improve her skills in design research and design thinking, and has discovered her interest in user experience. She first dabbled in UX/UI during her semester at Chamberlain, and in the following semester, she worked with two other design students on the Roam app, which addresses transportation for aging rural residents. The following studio semester, Hannah decided to introduce herself to design research in healthcare, and embarked on a complex project around postpartum depression in women. During her final co-op at Live Well Collaborative, she was able to not only gain experience in design research and thinking, but also to develop stronger leadership and teamwork skills. She was the team lead on an educational UX/UI and print-based project for Cincinnati Children's Hospital, contributed to front-end innovation for P&G, and is currently working part-time on another project for Children's. This semester, Hannah is working on her capstone project: a user experience project around the music experience for the hard of hearing. She chose this project out of her deep love for music, and as an exercise to better understand people different from her. Outside of design, Hannah spends her time mentoring younger students, playing bass for her church's worship team, and pursuing her love of lettering and calligraphy.

Hannah has been especially passionate about healthcare and social impact lately. Her recent work at Live Well along with personal projects have introduced her to the pivotal role that design thinking can play in transforming these areas. After she graduates, Hannah is looking to gain the knowledge and experiences needed in order to advance in a career focused on helping people in need. She feels that her skills in UX design, design research, and design thinking—along with her empathetic nature—can help solve big problems, and she's eager for opportunities to advance these skills.