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Henri Hall


Henri Hall is a futurist thinker, meme enthusiast, and aspiring thought leader.



Design Research



Before attending the University of Cincinnati’s Industrial Design program, Henri Hall was pursuing a degree at Kent State University in Biological Anthropology on the Pre-Med track. Initially, Henri wanted to become a plastic surgeon, combining his eye for aesthetics with his skills in the hard sciences. Despite the misconception that the switch from plastic surgery to industrial design is strange and abrupt, he insists that the two fields are more closely related than many may think. Problem solving in a decisive manner regarding visual outcomes is a factor that is well rooted in both professions. Coordinating strengths in both cerebral hemispheres gives Henri fulfillment when he is tasked with solving a problem (both creatively and efficiently).

Throughout his past five years attending DAAP’s Industrial Design program, Henri has been able to work in locations across the country (Chicago and Dallas) as well as locally in Cincinnati, OH. He also had the opportunity to study at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. While international travel is not new to Henri, as he had been traveling to be with his Finnish family from infancy, the exposure to eastern cultures has helped to strengthen his understanding of the human nature and which aspects of society remain constant cross-culturally (and those which don’t). Although he spent most of his time at the University of Cincinnati working for the locally-owned independent film theater, The Esquire, Henri is currently working as a freelancer for LPK in Cincinnati as a Trends Analyst. At LPK, Henri works on a wide range of projects during their initial stages of front-end innovation and design strategy. Some projects lean more towards branding while some tend to lie in the field of product innovation; all projects, however, force Henri to think like a variety of consumers and use knowledge and research (instead of a crystal ball) to identify and predict trends.

Today, Henri aspires to become a thought-leader in futurist philosophy by maintaining a constant updated repertoire of current sociocultural sentiments, leading to his avid consumption of “dank memes.” In addition to being tall, dark, and handsome, some of Henri’s hobbies include following linguistic trends and speaking multiple languages (Italian, Spanish, and some Japanese and Finnish). If you would like to learn more, please see Henri’s website at www.henrihall.com for more information about his past projects and think-pieces.