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Ian Malott


Ian Malott is a passionate designer who creates products that enable extraordinary experiences in people.



Sporting Goods



From a young age, Ian Malott has always had a passion for understanding people and the objects they use. A curious tinkerer from rural Ohio, he has trained himself to see the problems, big and small, in others' lives and has used industrial design as a medium to solve them. He believes that humanity's natural desire to connect with the objects around them gives way to creating extraordinary experiences in people through product design.

Throughout his education at DAAP, Ian has been fortunate enough to have gained a diverse background with experiences in corporate design at Fortune 100 companies like Procter & Gamble, where he learned how design fits within an ecosystem of a large company, in the start-up scene at a top ten accelerator in the U.S where he learned how to hustle and bootstrap his way to a successful pitch, and a consulting design agency where he learned efficiency and the importance of communication. This diverse background has allowed him to create a broad skillset in product design, brand design, web design, furniture design, package design, and design management. 

All of these experiences, big and small, have shaped Ian into the human he is today: someone who believes humble learning is lifelong process, creativity is a skill not a talent, and a good idea comes from hard work.

After graduation Ian plans to bring a broad range of inspiration to his work professionally and personally. Ian is always looking for ways to gain new experiences and learn about himself and the world around him. Most importantly he hopes to keep growing in his passion for design and his empathy for others to create novel experiences in people through it.

Outside of design, Ian is passionate about mountaineering, soccer, rock n roll music, good beer, good friends, bbq, and a competitive game of cornhole.