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Ian McGillivray


Ian McGillivray creates new ways to experience life by day, but is an astronaut when he puts on a VR headset at night.



Consumer Electronics
Service Design



The life of Ian McGillivray before arriving at DAAP could be called ordinary. He grew up in a small town with a few close friends and a dream of adventure. A man named Sooshin promised Ian a dingy crown adorned by a beautiful jewel if he enrolled at the University of Cincinnati. This crown could not be given, but would have to be earned through many all-nighters, hundreds of cups of coffee, and several attempts on his life and limbs.

Ian traversed the United States of America several times for co-ops, including multiple visits to both coasts where he learned from phone designers at HTC, consumer electronic specialists at Huge Design, brand designers at Industry, Swiss (and Austrian)-army knives disguised as designers at Loft LLC, and lavatory hardware specialists at Symmons Industries. Ian spread himself to corners of the industry to find who he was as a designer, and landed in the circuit board laden land of consumer electronics.

School aided Ian on his quest for the crown and title. A chair, a Martian drill vehicle, and even a cleaning cart system with a scale model suitable for a chinchilla were all projects used to show a desire to try it all. A studio sponsored by Hankook Tire even sent him to Korea and gave him a chance to imagine the future of cities. Now for his last task, he looks to change the way police and civilians interact, because above all else, Ian just wants to help people enjoy life a little bit more.

It took five years, thousands of miles, and lungs filled with pink foam dust, but the crown is in sight.