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Ian Mooney


Ian Mooney is a designer with a desire to create products and experiences that intrigue and enrich lives.



Furniture & Home Goods



Ian started his co-op career at a small furniture studio, handcrafting high-end rustic furniture for clients' winter cabins in the Adirondacks. On his second rotation there he made a chair of his own design that sold for $11,000. From there he migrated to experiential design at Jack Rouse Associates in Cincinnati, continuing leaning towards thematic structures, albeit in a larger scope.

Following that, Ian learned a more refined approach to design, designing furniture and lighting at Avroko in San Francisco (where he found the best sandwich shop he'll ever visit in his life). Most recently was MKG in New York, where he worked on experiential marketing design. There, he worked on several teams, but mainly spent his time on events for Absolut.

Ian enjoys working on projects that are large in scope, or deal with a complicated subject matter. This may range from devising a way to design a game based on state budgeting in Ohio, to finding a way to teach children how to solve punnett squares in an interactive exhibit, to his latest hurdle: designing a new form of animal enclosure that blends aspects of modern day zoos and sanctuaries. He hopes to continue designing anywhere that lets him build an experience for others, be it in their mind or out in the world.