We are the DAAP ID class of makers and creators, dreamers and schemers, thinkers, designers, and oddballs.

Jackson Heritage


Jackson Heritage is committed to building staple products for communities who share the interest of enrichment through owning less.



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Jackson's path to design started with failing; failing to find something that he could pursue no matter what. A few unfulfilling careers and degree changes from teacher, to automotive tech, to architecture led him to keep question everything. To be asking "Why not?" and "Can't it be done this way?". This thirst for something different and unique led him back to school to achieve a degree from the DAAP industrial design program.

Jackson is a knowledgable and innovative industrial designer with several years of first-hand experience in all aspects of product development from brainstorming, sketching, concept rendering, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling and engineering. He has created designs for several major global brands such as shoes for Skechers, and toys for Munchkin and Bang Zoom, as well as a host of consulting and corporate settings like Owens Illinois and Priority Designs.

An entrepreneur and businessman that thrives in a fast paced design environment with the feel of a startup, Jackson is rolling out four Kickstarter campaigns throughout the coming year. He thrives on turning passions and problems into products that can accompany us to our limits. Jackson is open to work where he can brainstorm new ideas with those whose priorities lie in simple and unique solutions for all of life's problems no matter how large or difficult.