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Jacob Schubert


Jacob Schubert is an energetic designer looking to create beautiful products and and meaningful user experiences.



Consumer Electronics
Furniture & Home Goods



Jacob started his career as a designer a bit unconventionally. After completing his first year of school studying engineering at the University of Louisville, he decided that he was unsatisfied with the rigidity of the field of engineering and began searching for something more creative and fulfilling. He discovered the field of industrial design at the University of Cincinnati, and instantly fell in love. 

While in DAAP, Jacob hit the ground running, and quickly grew a reputation as someone who knew how to make things and solve problems. Excelling at 3D modeling and physically making models and mock ups helps to set him apart in the increasingly digital world of design. As a team player, he is happy to put down what he is doing in order to give a helping hand to those who need it. Jacob landed his first co-op job at Ethicon, a company that designs minimally invasive medical tools, and quickly jump started his passion for medical design. After Ethicon, Jacob moved on to have other co-op positions at Huge Design in San Francisco, Kaleidoscope in Cincinnati, and Industry in Portland, OR. While working for these companies, Jacob had the opportunity to work on various projects for big name clients such as: Intel, Microsoft, HP, Targus, Tencent, Abaxis, Nike, and many more.

After graduation, Jacob is looking to work for a design consultancy or company that works on a variety of products including medical devices. He is also looking forward to pursuing his other passions such as camping, hiking, working on vintage motorcycles, and producing his own furniture designs.