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James Gall


James Gall is a happy-go-lucky dude who thinks a lot and designs stuff sometimes.



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Having been raised by designers in a suburban New Jersey town recently nicknamed "Brooklyn West", James grew up surrounded by art and design. His parents would frequently take him to art museums in New York City, but the trips usually ended with him and his brother getting scolded by security for running around trying to pinch each other. In the sixth grade when he asked for a pair of custom yellow, blue, and black Nikes for Christmas, he didn't realize the connection between what became an obsession with sneakers and his parents' careers and interests. When it was time to apply to college, James, still spending more money than he currently possessed on shoes, found out that he could go to school to potentially design sneakers as a job and he was sold pretty quickly on industrial design.

It wasn't until he started school at the University of Cincinnati that James fully linked what he wanted to do with his life to all of the museum trips and interesting posters around the house that he never really understood. This led him to embrace and appreciate his design heritage infinitely more. Since starting college James has gotten the opportunity to live in awesome cities like Portland, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and co-op with incredible companies such as Nike, Brandblack, and FEIT (where he plans to work post-grad). For his capstone project, James is working on a brand concept called almanac with two of his dearest friends: Bryce Wong and Danny Chambers. almanac is a footwear brand that creates harmony between the technical and the aesthetic. As a culmination of his college experience, almanac combines James' interests and talents in footwear, graphic, fashion, brand, and interior design.

James can usually be seen in a chipper mood planning out what his next meal will be. He designs best when he is able to justify the product as well as each of his decisions regarding it. Collaborating with passionate people that have different minds and skill-sets than he does is something he has enjoyed most about working as a designer. Although James is extremely happy with how far he has come in his college career, becoming a designer that only creates things for consumption won't satisfy him. He is always searching for ways to channel his interests into something more meaningful.