We are the DAAP ID class of makers and creators, dreamers and schemers, thinkers, designers, and oddballs.

Jessica Ankeney


Jessica Ankeney is a talented, motivated, goal-driven designer, who will make a difference wherever she goes.



Toy Design



Jess's overall motive is to be the best she can be. Her favorite statement is: "There is no such thing as a bad day". She is a team player with lots of enthusiasm to boost team moral. Always bubbly and high-spirited, she is eager to undertake new projects and tackle things she has never done before. She is looking for a great team of people to work with, along with a great work environment that supports the idea that "There is always an answer to everything." To her, design isn't just a solution to a problem, it's a way of life. A true designer is a designer 24/7. A designer never stops thinking of new ideas or new solutions to problems. Designers have a unique perspective on the world and that is something that needs to be harnessed to its fullest potential. To her, being a designer is not an 8-5 job. A designer is someone who has a passion for making humans and their way of life better on this earth.

Jess has an interesting story. The daughter of a music teacher and IT operation manager for Huffy Corporation, she began her story back in 2010. Jess has always been a very goal-driven person. She wanted to make a difference and help children, and thought teaching would be the best career path. She came to the University of Cincinnati to be a Primary Education Major, with a focus in science. But this wasn't her only passion. After visiting the DAAP building and showing off her portfolio, her eyes opened wider, realizing she could combine both of her loves together! She would become an art teacher, for young children. After being accepted into the Fine Arts program at DAAP, she was finishing up her second year and realized the program wasn't teaching her enough drawing. She took all the possible drawing classes and soon ran out of classes to take. One day, Jess was walking down the industrial design hallway and saw these beautiful little sketches of products, shoes, pencil sharpeners and gears. "This is what I want to be doing!" she exclaimed. A new fire had lit inside her. That afternoon, she talked to the Dean of Design, Sooshin Choi, and became a transfer student into the prestigious Industrial Design Program at DAAP.  Now her new life combined her favorite passions in life: science and drawing.

During her time in UC's ID program, she has been around the country. Her 5 co-ops consisted of POS displays at Packaging Corporations of America (PCA) in Ohio, a design consultancy at ECCO Design Inc. in NYC, toy design at Mattel for Disney/Pixar Cars team in LA, DKNY fashion brand watch design at Fossil Inc. in Dallas, and toy design at PlayMonster in Wisconsin. With a collective 2 years of industry experience, she has received a taste of many different areas within the field.  Since all these co-ops have given priceless experience and knowledge she is more confident now than ever. Upon graduation, she would like to be working for a toy company or design consultancy. Of course things may change, but as it stands now, looking at graduation just around the corner, that is where her passion lies the most. But she is a very open minded person and will take any opportunity worth pursuing. There is a whole world out there ready to be influenced by young designers. Jess and her fellow classmates are the era to a new revolution in the future of design.