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Jia Lu Ni


Jia Lu Ni believes in creating meaningful experiences for others, and connecting with and inspiring those around her through design.



Soft Goods



Jia Lu is an Industrial Design student in DAAP at the University of Cincinnati. She was born and raised in Ohio, with a midwest mentality that keeps her grounded but always curious to explore what else is out there.

She believes that we are defined by our experiences, and she feels lucky to have had some pretty incredible ones. From her travels to Asia and South America in her youth, to her diverse co-ops with Procter & Gamble, Thule Group, studiogreen, and Evolve Collaborative, to her more recent adventures studying abroad in Germany and backpacking through Europe, she has been immersed in many different cultures. This has taught her to be flexible in adapting to new environments and understanding new perspectives.

Beyond design, her interests include coffee, guitar, button-ups, hiking, and good conversation. She has an eagerness to learn and experiment, and design is exciting for her because she truly enjoys the challenge of problem solving. It is a nonlinear and multifaceted process with no right way and no wrong way, only learning by doing, and this is what makes it so easy to dedicate herself to (and sometimes lose herself in) a project.