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Joe Frankl


Joe Frankl likes to push experiences into new spaces, driven by intelligent and subtly powerful forms.



Consumer Electronics



Joe Frankl grew up playing and performing music in Kentucky at the age of 12, and learned about design through an older band member who was studying at DAAP. First inspired by the graphic world of posters, flyers, and album art, he later discovered the concept of industrial design through a relative's prolific collection of Shaker furniture. His understanding of the practice was first informed by the timeless ability for these artifacts to speak directly to the culture that made them.

Since starting at DAAP, Joe has worked at a diversity of places focused within the consumer electronics space. Naturally gravitating toward music related products, he first learned the foundation of materials and industrial process for professional application audio at Shure, before moving to Sonos, working on more refined multiplatform experiences. Moving to consultancies for his final two internships, he collaborated with larger multidisciplinary teams at Design Concepts, and at HUGE Design focused more heavily on front end consumer electronics design, working with a host of industry leading clients. 

In his personal work, Joe likes to push conventional experiences into new spaces with the use of intelligent and subtly powerful forms. As technology and their impact on society are constantly changing, he is driven to create beautiful objects that harbor meaningful experiences.