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John Piper


John Piper is a transportation-focused designer with a passion for creating vehicles that have purpose.



Industrial Equipment
Sporting Goods




Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, John had never heard of design and was content with the notion of pursuing engineering after high school. In fact, that may have been the case if it wasn't for a near random Google search performed while writing a school assignment that introduced design to the otherwise naïve high schooler. The concept of industrial design being the fusion of John's interests in both building things and art was what lead him to apply to several colleges that had industrial design curriculums. One of these colleges was DAAP, which according to some online reports had a strong design program. Upon acceptance into the design program at DAAP, John packed up his truck and drove to Ohio for the first time.

Culture shock aside, the experiences at DAAP and the corresponding co-op experiences were instrumental in shaping John into the designer he is today. Through the courses at DAAP he learned the basic skills necessary to design and through co-op he got to put those skills into practice. His first co-op experience at TTI designing tools really gave meaning to what it is like to design. The experience in the northwestern part of South Carolina also kickstarted another passion of John's, his desire to travel. By the second co-op John had traded his truck in for a jeep and spent three weeks traveling across the country on his way to LA to work for Mattel. The experience at Mattel, between the work, the location and people was amazing and influenced him to again return to the west coast and the toy industry at Spin Master for his third co-op experience. The second trip across the country allowed him to further his exploration of the country and by the end of the experience at Spin Master, John had visited all 48 of the main body US states. For his fourth co-op John wanted to change his design focus from toys to a more transportation related field. For this, he went to Crown Equipment in Ohio.

The experiences at Crown as well as the studio projects at DAAP went to show that John's desired design focused was not traditional transportation. Instead his design passion was on the edge of traditional transportation in the areas of industrial equipment and power sports. It was this knowledge that led him to pursue his final internship at CNH industrial working on farm equipment. Upon completion of this final internship at the end of this year it's hard to say for sure where John will go but he will most likely to continue to pursue his interest in industrial vehicle design.