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John Swain


John Swain is versatile creative thinker focused on design consulting and sustainability.



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John found his way to DAAP in a round-about way after graduating from Colby College in Maine with a degree in psychology and a short career as an outdoor educator and nonprofit administrator. After college he worked for the Loppet Foundation in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota coaching cross-country skiing, managing youth programs, and planning ski festivals. John became interested in design while working with local graphic design firm Duffy & Partners, who provided branding and design services for the Loppet Foundation. After moving to Ohio and studying graphic design for a year, he discovered industrial design and enrolled at the University of Cincinnati.

In DAAP's industrial design program, John found a perfect outlet for his creative impulses and his wide-ranging interests in art, biology, psychology, athletics and sustainability. John spent his childhood skiing, hiking, canoeing, and sampling lakes with his father who works as an ecologist for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. With a nature focused up-bringing, John developed a love of the outdoors and an appreciation of the impact of human civilization on the Earth. Keeping current and future environmental issues in mind, John has focused his academic work on innovative solutions for public transportation, urban living, and products that promote and inspire outdoor exercise. 

John was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a number of design consulting firms specializing in a variety of industries through the University of Cincinnati's cooperative education internship program. He interned with Logic PD (Minneapolis), Industry (Portland, Oregon), Yellow Window (Antwerp, Belgium), ECCO Design (New York, New York), Ethicon, (Blue Ash, Ohio), and Herbst Produkt (Santa Cruz, California). John gained experience in design strategy, user research, consumer electronics, home goods, medical devices, and public transportation. With a well-rounded background in design thinking and product development John hopes to work for a consulting agency after graduation.

John's senior capstone project is system of products and services to enable run-commuting that includes a backpack, public shower, locker room, and laundry service.