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Josh Chamberlain


Josh Chamberlain is a designer who makes beautiful things that bring happiness.



Furniture & Home Goods
Service Design



Josh finished high school at a community college hybrid program, taking classes in graphic design and managing the design for the school newspaper. He is from a family full of artists and designers, and saw his path to a career through design school. He decided to go to DAAP after finding out about the co-op program and recognizing the potential to travel and have experiences around the world. He started as a graphic design student but quickly realized the joy of working with his hands and machines to create beautiful objects in three dimensions.

At DAAP, he immersed himself in CNC machining and 3D modeling, excelling with software and machine-made prototyping. His co-op experiences took him to Baltimore, New York, San Francisco, Providence, and Croatia; along the way he met designers of all disciplines, working in small and large teams to design and manufacture products. He developed a keen interest in simplicity and minimal function, striving to eliminate unnecessary actions and bring a product's focus to doing the one thing it's supposed to do well, and nothing more. As he learned more about materials and manufacturing techniques, he began to use those as primary design drivers, leveraging constraints to create products with personality that are true to their materials and built to last.

In his senior year, he created a partnership that produced Bubo, a system that allows people to record important moments in order to keep them safe and prevent incidents. This project pushed the two designers to think beyond the product, working to serve the larger system with all its intricate moving parts.

After graduation, Josh plans to continue working on Bubo and turn it into a startup. He will remain in the Midwest designing things that he can prototype and produce from his home studio.