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JP Schmitz


JP Schmitz is fun-focused product designer seeking to bring a smile to his clients' faces.



Toy & Entertainment
Consumer Electronics
Furniture & Home Goods



JP Schmitz wants to make things that give people those "Aha!" moments we all seek–things people love. Deep passions like tennis, language, and toys fuel his exploration into new ways to create fun, and innovative experiences for all those he is with.

If something brightens a person's day, even if it's only just one in the entirety of its life-cycle, then to JP that product is a success. There is always time to laugh and smile, and there is always time to have fun. Helping to build that fun, whether through goofy creature designs, or a tennis bag with more pockets, is his passion.

Recently, this passion has manifested in a heavy interest in toys and children's products, thanks to his time at Hasbro and Munchkin. Both jobs helped JP to see that there is a smaller side to the world, one that isn't so focused on the bigger problems, but on the little things. A big kid at heart, he loves the fascinating freedom that comes with toys and injecting fun into his work.