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Julianna Probst


Julianna Probst builds rewarding connections between humans, objects,
and the world around them.



Consumer Electronics
Furniture & Home Goods



By the age of twelve, Julianna realized what she was meant to do. After reading Tom Kelley’s description of an industrial designer’s life, she couldn't imagine hers going in any other direction. Exploring this interest in high school, she led a group of her peers to California to experience design in the Bay Area, took a 3D printing and modeling class at the University of Minnesota, attended the Pratt Institute Pre-College program for industrial design, and during her senior year interned at Worrell Design and created her first design prototypes: a series of three heat-pressed wooden lights.

Julianna's background includes a wide array of co-op experiences, from award-winning consultancies (MNML, aruliden, SmartShape, Worrell) to corporations (Optum's Innovation Garage, Chamberlain). She's also worked as a freelance consultant, focusing on design research and strategy for start-ups. Her seventh semester was spent abroad at Germany's prestigious Bergische Universität Wuppertal, through which she had various design concepts selected by Johnson & Johnson for further development. At her core, Julianna is driven to create innovative, beautiful products that help both people and the environment. Her specific experiences and perspectives are now culminating in her capstone project: an underwater system that isolates and collects crude oil spilled in the ocean, simultaneously purifying water while ensuring none of the spilled oil goes to waste.

Julianna specializes in building intrinsically satisfying connections between humans and objects. She thrives around those who are as passionate about the world of design as she is, and is always eager to keep learning.