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Justin Nolt


Justin Nolt finds his sense of flow using design to abstract ideas and emotion from user experiences and translate them into tangible form.  



Soft Goods
Sporting Goods



Like many high school students, Justin entered junior year with little idea of what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He had grown up with sports dreams but injuries were quickly bringing him back down to earth. Enter: The Art Institute of Philadelphia. They came to his high school and gave a presentation highlighting the many different career opportunities within art and design. One major stood out: industrial design. However, being a junior without a portfolio, it quickly became apparent that many schools offering ID were not going to be a possibility. January 1, 2010. Sugar Bowl. Growing up a University of Florida fan, this was another chance to watch the Gators finish off a successful season. What caught his eye though was the team they were playing against: The University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati's industrial design program was not only highly ranked, but also confident that they could develop successful designers regardless of the students' prior level of art experience. This, in addition to the opportunities offered beyond the classroom, made UC the place he wanted to be.

Coming into college without much of an art background provided him with the challenge and opportunity to literally learn something new every single day. His co-op experience has spanned multiple industries and helped to develop a well-rounded skill set. His professional experience began on campus working part-time with the football team (the same one from the Sugar Bowl a few years prior) doing graphic design work. This led to a full-time co-op position with the Athletic Department. In addition to invaluable experience within the sports industry, this opportunity allowed him to develop storytelling skills. His next co-op experience was in Maryland, where he got to work on the Merchandising Displays Design team at WestRock. This provided him exposure to a more engineering-based design process. Justin returned to Maryland the following co-op cycle to work with the Footwear Design Team at Under Armour gaining experience working on high-performance footwear. His last co-op rotation sent him across the country to California to work on the Skechers Performance Footwear Design team, adding West Coast lifestyle influence to his repertoire. His projects throughout his DAAP career have included ergonomic studies, power tools, lifestyle products, and alternate forms of transportation. In addition to DAAP, he has received a Marketing Minor with studies in consumer behavior, innovation, and sports-specific marketing.

As for post-grad plans, Justin is planning on working within the footwear and sportswear industry, helping to further bring performance attributes into everyday attire. Although rooted in athletics, his passions have evolved into human movement as a whole. This includes footwear and personal transportation and also the emotions and psychology users feel interacting with these products.