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Kateri Ang


Kateri Ang is an industrial designer that is interested in space and how it shapes people that inhabit it.



Service Design



When Kateri was fifteen, she borrowed her mother's new DSLR camera so frequently her dad bought her a camera of her own. Having grown up in love with academics and books, she discovered a new lens to look through. She chased after this new passion, getting her Associate's Degree in Photography before she finished high school. Excelling at Adobe Photoshop, she enjoyed making realistic photo collages, taking professional headshots, and photographing weddings. At the end of her photography education, a friend called her up and told her to consider going into industrial design. Instead of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Photography, she chose to look into design school. The University of Cincinnati's industrial design curriculum included a co-op program with five internships. This aspect made it easy to pick UC as her new home.

DAAP's co-op program allowed her to try different types of design jobs, and it was through this exploration that she found in herself a desire to design environments and experiences. Starting out at Apex Supply Chain Technologies, she learned the importance of manufacturability, engineering, and innovation. After Apex she went to Nottingham-Spirk, a consultancy in Cleveland, OH, where she was able to touch many different products and learn hard skills such as Photoshop rendering, Keyshot rendering, and 3D modeling in Alias. It was at her last two co-ops at Moody Nolan, however, that she realized that there are projects that combine industrial, interior, and graphic design. She received a great deal of mentorship there, and worked on a vast range of environmental and experiential projects.

Kateri's goal is to enhance the experience of the user on a visceral, behavioral, and reflective level. Community plays a large role in her professional and personal life, and this helps her achieve her goals. Constantly seeking mentorship and guidance from those that have skills she wants to develop, she surrounds herself with uplifting, encouraging, and knowledgeable people. For her final project in DAAP, she is designing an after-school center for design and visual arts targeted at middle to high school students in the west side of Cincinnati. Through this process, she is learning more about the community's personality, their wants, and their needs. She believes that everyone who wants them should have access to creative materials, because the ability to create empowers people, acting as a catalyst for the betterment of the community.