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Kelsey Boyd


Kelsey Boyd is an empathetic designer who loves using innovation to improve people's lives and their environment.



Furniture & Home Goods
Design Research
Service Design




From the beginning of Kelsey's college career, she's known that she wants to make a positive difference with design. Her choice of industrial design as a major came from the knowledge that she would be able to be at the forefront of innovation and able to play a role in the positive way that design can influence society. The creative daughter of two engineers, Kelsey has always brought a logical, problem-solving approach to her designs. Kelsey was born in Japan, and spent three years living in Germany. In that time, she gained an appreciation for environmental issues and a passion for travel. Ever since, her passion for the natural world has only grown. 

Throughout her DAAP career, Kelsey has spent her time focusing on user-centered design. She is passionate about the research side of design and enjoys learning about people's lives, passions, and challenges through the lens of a project. Over the past few years, she has also gained a passion for trend forecasting and using innovation to solve people's problems. By looking at projects from multiple perspectives, Kelsey's skills as a systems designer have grown with each project. This bird's eye point of view on her work has fed Kelsey's passion for sustainable design, as she becomes more conscious of the impacts design can have. Kelsey is also certified as a Permaculture Designer, which enables her to base her designs on the whole-systems thinking approach and mimic her designs after the self-sufficient patterns and systems in nature.

Kelsey's co-op experiences have enabled her to view product design and design research from many angles. Her co-ops with Pfizer, Lynk Inc., and All Across Africa enabled her to practice product design from conceptualization, through iterative prototypes, to manufacturing and sales. Since January of 2016, Kelsey has been working with Live Well Collaborative. At Live Well, she has translated user research into innovative concepts for a variety of Fortune 500 clients. Over the past year, Kelsey has gained experience with project management, leading design-thinking workshops, and client relations. She has also learned about working with a diverse group of backgrounds and enjoys collaborating with a wide variety of perspectives.

Following her graduation, Kelsey plans to travel the country in her recently bought 1989 Ford truck. Following this intermission, her plans are undecided! She is open to a wide variety of jobs and looks forward to using design to keep learning after she graduates.