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Kristina Nguyen


Kristina Nguyen is an adaptable maker with an interest in soft goods.



Soft Goods




Kristina learned that she had an interest in art when she watched her father create wooden crafts as a little girl. She took art classes all throughout grade school and high school. Her family told her art was only a hobby, and didn't take her passion seriously. This led Kristina to taking a couple of detours before falling into design - even though she believed in herself. She wanted to do something to make her family happy, but she wasn't doing what felt right to her. Two years later, she finally walked through the doors of DAAP and found her new home . . . and love.

During her time at DAAP, Kristina has had the opportunity to complete five total co-ops with four different employers. These places include the DAAP Rapid Prototyping Center, WestRock, Hasbro, and ACCO Brands. Through these opportunities Kristina has had a wide variety of experience: from hands on machining work, to learning about sewn goods. Being immersed in the co-op program has taught Kristina to be very adaptable: quickly learning new skills and adjusting to work flows. Through her co-op experiences and classes taken at DAAP, she was able to find her niche in sewn products and soft goods. 

After graduation she wants a job where she can make people happy. Empathy is something that is very important to Kristina as a person and a designer. She only hopes to make someone in her life happy every day for the rest of her life.