We are the DAAP ID class of makers and creators, dreamers and schemers, thinkers, designers, and oddballs.

Liesl Hartz


Liesl Hartz is a maker who enjoys creating products that are able to bring delight into everyday life.



Furniture & Home Goods
Soft Goods
Sporting Goods



Cincy born and raised, Liesl has always loved to get out and experience new places and things. She always had an affinity for art and getting hands-on with different mediums.  When she entered into high school, she wasn't sure she wanted to pursue a collegiate path because she never was drawn to the traditional classroom setting. Liesl was always found trying to work and communicate with others. In high school, Liesl turned into a sneakerhead, buying more and more eccentric shoes daily. She discovered DAAP when an alum took notice of her shoe collection and informed her that she could turn it into a career. As Liesl got older she looked into industrial design more and more and fell in love with the idea of DAAP. As she learned more she found herself attracted to the many different fields within ID and the many opportunities DAAP had to offer.

Liesl's knowledge of design grew immensely through her classes and her peers. She loved the culture of sharing she found within DAAP.  Liesl's co-op experiences have taken her coast to coast. She has been able to take part in opportunities on teams and solo to work directly on various products currently in the production processes by national and international brands. She has gotten the opportunity to work at a variety of different companies ranging from packaging and display design to footwear and consulting. She has developed a wide range of hard and soft skills she never thought imaginable and strives to better her skills daily. As a young designer, Liesl has achieved more than she ever thought possible and is constantly pushing herself to create more. Liesl finds her joy in working with others and getting to take part in the creative process that is design.

Liesl loves Cincinnati, but post-graduation she intends to get out and explore more of the United States and even the world. She intends to find a career that can better her skills and where she can find happiness in creating goods that better the lives of everyday people.