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Lindsay Hudson


Lindsay Hudson is a versatile designer focused on challenging herself and the world around her.



Consumer Electronics

Although initially accepted into the Fine Arts program due to her previously explored flair for the arts, Lindsay discovered industrial design on her first tour of DAAP as an incoming freshman. While she had heard about industrial design from her high school teachers and robotics team mentors, she hadn't been sure it was for her until she came face-to-face with the workspace DAAP makes available to its ID student body. During the tour, the Fine Arts group passed the rapid prototyping lab that the design students used. Intrigued, she secretly joined the ID tour group instead, and learned about what kinds of career paths, learning opportunities, and potential for making a difference in the world being a designer could offer. By the end of the tour, she knew she was in the wrong major! She signed on for ID and was quickly accepted into the graduating class of 2017.

Lindsay decided to take the "appetizer-sampler platter" approach to her co-op work; she has a wide breadth of experience over a range of fields within design. These fields include, but are not limited to: prototyping, molding, construction, POP display, toys, entertainment, and experience design. She has taken co-ops from four different companies so far (repeating her first co-op because of how well she got along with her team and work). So far, she has loved being able to enrich her design approach from different examples of the industry. She also found that she had talents for both mechanical design work and visual entertainment, two fields that she'd happily dabbled in on her own time before ever enrolling in DAAP. She was thrilled to find that her personal hobbies and her professional skills were finally coming together in a way that could improve the lives of others.

After graduation, Lindsay plans to scour the greater Cincinnati area in search of a job opportunity that will engage her as a designer. She prefers to work in a physical design environment (prototyping/shopwork), but is eager to demonstrate and capitalize on her digital design skills as well. Aside from work, Lindsay looks forward to being able to indulge in some of her hobbies once school is over, specifically exploring the outdoors and being able to build on her own creative projects. One day, she hopes to have her own workshop in which she'll be able to construct some of her personal design projects and indulge her artistic side every once in awhile.