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Mark Liston


Mark Liston is a visual storyteller who uses design to learn about the world.



Furniture & Home Goods
Design Research



Mark started his design career at the ripe age of six by ripping off gun designs from Star Wars books and recreating them with paper and tape. By age seven, he had fully loaded out his 8.5 x 11 and scotch tape armory, moving on from cowardly firearms to creating primitive weapons and taming the woods. From bows and arrows to booby traps of all sorts, nothing would stop Mark from defeating his enemies on the field of battle. As Mark matured, he began to show interest and promise in the visual arts. By age nine, while still unable to read, he perfectly recreated Michelangelo’s David out of Sculpey. By age fourteen, after finally uncovering the mysteries of the written word (he learned to read), Mark began to want to learn and understand the world around him, and the stories that it has to tell.

This journey led Mark to pursue Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati, which gave him the opportunity to sate a thirst for learning and creating that was once thought to be unquenchable. DAAP gave Mark the chance to discover the world and understand the things that it contains.

While studying at DAAP, he worked for Hasbro, Spicefire, Volume Studios, and Eleven. At these jobs, he learned that the environment where he is at his best is fast paced and varied. Learning is Mark's favorite thing to do, and design gives him the outlet to learn about almost anything.

For Mark, It's not about what type of product it is. He likes to design anything, especially things that industrial designers haven’t touched before. A successful product is a combination of a great story and a great execution. The challenge and experience of going into uncharted territory is rewarding for Mark, most likely because of his days he spent exploring the woods as a child.

After he graduates, Mark wants to use the spare time that he hopes he will have to start to pursue disparate interests, inside and outside of design. He hopes to start reading more, work on personal art and design projects, backpack, bicycle, and catch his breath after five years at one of the most intense design schools. Most importantly, Mark plans on always learning and practicing something new.