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Mary Beth Merrick


Mary Beth is most excited about design and trend research while creating the best user experience possible.



Design Research



Passionate about design research and consumer psychology, Mary Beth loves gaining new knowledge and exploring the world around her. She began her DAAP journey in architecture and quickly switched to ID, following in her brother's footsteps. After a couple early co-ops, she found her niche with the trend forecasting team at LPK, a large consultancy in Cincinnati. Mary Beth began to broaden her perspective of what she saw as traditional industrial design and became enamored with the user experience as a whole.

Another highlight during her six years at DAAP is her study abroad experience. Continuing to freelance with LPK, she moved to Melbourne, Australia to attend the Swinburne University of Technology. She took classes ranging from systems and service design to photography and continued to expand her knowledge on experience mapping and user interaction. She also did plenty of hiking and exploring in Victoria and later took the opportunity to travel to Cairns, Sydney, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Fiji.

Many of Mary Beth's past projects have been more aesthetically focused, but her capstone is the culmination of everything she's learned and loved in the past six years. She's designing an everyday camera backpack, through which she'll be exploring how the user interacts with the physical bag, how to make it emotionally evocative using aesthetic and material cues, and how to create a habit-forming product that will turn the user into a lifelong customer. Her capstone will not only test her pattern-making and softgood skills, but utilize all her design research knowledge accumulated thus far. Eventually, Mary Beth would like to narrow her focus to branding, research, trend forecasting, and use these skills to create new and exciting user experiences.

Immediately following graduation, she'll be traveling overseas to Europe, experiencing different cultures while collecting imagery and insights. On this trip, she hopes to gain a more robust understanding of global sociocultural trends, explore as many museums as possible, and glean inspiration from the everyday routine. Upon return, she plans on moving to the Pacific Northwest for the better weather and incredible hiking. Her ultimate post-grad goal is to find a CMF or research heavy design job somewhere with a good company culture.