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Patrick Henke


Patrick Henke is a maven applying design ideology to the world of business.



Design Research



Bailout Systems

Patrick began his career at the University of Cincinnati in the Mechanical Engineering field. After two years of dynamics, physics, and calculus, he made an important discovery—he was more interested in designing products that directly impacted people, rather than designing the machines that build the products. While attending DAAPworks in 2012, he stumbled into the world of design. Although many of the fields peaked his interest, industrial design was the clear choice. The allure of combining the technical aspects of engineering with the holistic view of design made the transition easy. Patrick transferred that day and the rest is history.

Co-op has allowed Patrick to work with a vast array of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, consultancies, and startups. These opportunities have opened his eyes to the necessity of diversification and value of applying user centered design to all aspects of business. He has developed skills in design thinking, brand development, advertising, counting to 10, coding, and UX/UI—just to name a few.

For the past two years, Patrick has been utilizing these skills within the startup space. He’s served as the co-founder of a 3D scanning technology company and recently built a capital-funded music distribution app.

His current focus is a product startup called Bailout. Bailout (which was developed with DAAP classmate Michael Ragsdale) is the firefighting industry’s first purpose-built, self-rescue solution. After carefully considering a firefighter’s true needs, the duo developed and patented a technology that can lower a firefighter to the ground completely hands-free, independent of weight. Throughout their time at DAAP, they have secured a manufacturing partnership, developed detailed branding, created a viable business model, and are working on the final touches of the product. They plan to start selling Bailout commercially by the end of 2017.

After graduation, Patrick plans to pursue Bailout full-time. However, if that doesn’t work out, he would love to take his passions for the silver screen and become a movie director. With ideas such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttoning—a three hour short film of an old guy struggling to get his shirt on right, The Da Vinci Coding—a renaissance artist who travels to the future to become a programmer, and 50 Shades of Graying—starring Sean Connery and Betty White, there is no doubt he will make a name for himself in Hollywood.