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Paul DuFour


Paul DuFour is an enthusiastic designer who is energized by learning, helping others, and spending time outdoors.



Design Research



Long after the toddler's bedtime, Paul's parents would regularly find him hiding under his covers with a flashlight scribbling furiously on a pad of paper. Sneaky as he thought he was, they'd come into his room each morning to discover a new stack of drawings lying next to his bed. Lucky for him, they encouraged him to develop this hobby, even if it did make it a little harder to get him out of bed the next morning.

Fast forward fifteen years, and a lot had changed for Paul. Throughout that time he discovered his love for nature, befriending people different from him, and speaking Spanish. But one thing that remained true throughout that time was his love for creative expression. Sculptures, graffiti, and building habitats for local wildlife were just a few of his exploratory endeavors that helped him see the value in making things. When it came time to apply to college, he had two guiding principles: one, that he wanted to study something that would enable him to continue being creative, and two, that he'd be pushed out of his comfort zone and surrounded by new people. It turned out that the University of Cincinnati was the perfect match.

The past five years at UC have been good to Paul. Spending time between school, travel, and professional co-ops, he's worked hard to become a designer who can make real and meaningful change in the world. Driven by the belief that the more he understands about disciplines outside of his own, the more ability he'll have to affect real change in the lives of people for whom he designs, he has built strong relationships with people who have very different knowledge and perspectives from him. These relationships have proven invaluable, helping Paul better understand the intersection of design, business, and engineering. Inspired by his family, his friends, and his wiener dog, Paul is very grateful for the opportunities he's had thus far and is extremely excited to continue down a path that leads to further growth and development after school.