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Randall Jones


Randall Jones hopes to add a sense of comfort and wonder to the world through design and art.



Furniture & Home Goods
Soft Goods



Randall is a versatile and curious young designer whose goal is to add comfort and style to the user's life wherever possible. He started his collegiate journey studying Fine Arts, and still finds great inspiration in simple, honest sketches, photography, the human form, and sculpture. As Randall's education progressed, he began to take up more and more interest in fashion & accessory design, which lead him to study in Florence, Italy for a semester. Today, Randall lives in the area of design between fashion, product, and art---and would someday like to focus himself on clothing, home goods, or interiors.

Randall is a very open minded person and wanted to use DAAP's internship program to explore as many facets of design as possible. He has professional experience in point of purchase corrugated cardboard displays, laser-cutting machine operation, prototyping, soft goods, office goods, museum interactives, user-centered research, and experiential design. Randall has contributed work for a large range of companies including Procter & Gamble, Five Star Notebook, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and At A Glance.

As a person, Randall seeks to put himself out of his comfort zone by trying new activities, meeting new people, traveling to new places, and questioning everything. Randall focuses a lot of his energy towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise, and mindful practices. He has a very special place in his heart for martial arts, renaissance festivals, tarot cards, essential oils, and beautiful landscapes. Randall approaches the world with a sense of wonder and is excited to see what the next chapter in his life has in store.