We are the DAAP ID class of makers and creators, dreamers and schemers, thinkers, designers, and oddballs.

Sam Klug


Sam Klug focuses on improving everyday life. He enjoys the challenge of using local, renewable, and environmentally-friendly resources while keeping his designs globally obtainable.



Design Research
Furniture & Home Goods
Sporting Goods


Sam was always interested in creating new products to improve the lives of those around him. He loves traveling around the world and the places he visits affect his view of design. He is interested in the manufacturing of products, their materials and qualities, and the effect these methods have on the environment.

During his co-op experiences, Sam has worked on everything from augmented reality products to tire sidewall design. He enjoys generating concepts and testing them to discover faults, then reiterating the designs to improve them.

Post-graduation, Sam hopes to find a job at a company with global interests in mind. He looks forward to working with people from all over the world and learning from them. He loves dogs and the outdoors so working on projects involving those interests would be a fantastic opportunity. Alternatively, traveling the world and using his design and mechanical knowledge to help others would be a dream come true.