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Samuel Cook


Samuel connects unrelated bits of information to create new ideas and new ways of thinking. He's always trying to be a better person and improve the world around him.



Design Research
Service Design



When Samuel was a kid, he always said he wanted to be an inventor. Luckily, around the time he started to realize that inventing isn't a professional career, he discovered industrial design. Often he would spend his free time browsing design websites, admiring the creative ways people were solving everyday problems. He saw these new and conceptual products as inventions, just like the first telephone and light bulb, and set out to become a designer himself. This brought him to the University of Cincinnati, a two-hour drive and a state border away from his hometown of Zionsville, Indiana. 

Little did Samuel know, this would be his first move of many. Over the past five years, he's lived in eleven different homes across Cincinnati, New York, and Berlin. If nothing else, Samuel has learned how to be flexible, adapt in new environments, and pack a small car with an entire life's belongings. He has, of course, grown in other ways as well. He's gained professional experience in design research and strategy, entrepreneurship, experiential marketing, product development, and packaging. His coursework has ranged from technological innovations to small batch manufacturing to curriculum design. Overall, he's a well-rounded problem solver and critical thinker who's excited for the opportunities ahead to continue learning and thinking and designing.

After graduating, Samuel hopes to apply his knowledge and skill set in ways that can improve the world, whether that's in his own community or all around the globe. He's open to moving (again) or staying put, but plans to make a positive impact wherever he ends up. His overarching goal is to impact the future and make it accessible to everyone, learning and growing along the way. With the prospect of more free time, Samuel can't wait to further explore his hobbies of cooking, baking, eating, drinking, and anything else food-related, occasionally taking breaks to browse Facebook Marketplace for weird stuff. He's happy, he's healthy, and he's looking forward to tomorrow.