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Sarasota Proffitt


Sarasota Proffitt believes a strong product requires a strong story, brand, research and packaging. Full circle design.



Soft Goods



Sarasota spent most of her senior year in high school focused on her AP art class and not, as her parents may have desperately wanted, exploring colleges, programs and potential career fields. After seeing her work shown in various galleries, she knew she wanted to pursue a career connected with the arts. With one of the best designs schools in her backyard she applied to only one school.  At 16 and overflowing with infinite wisdom, when it came time to decide what kind of design she would spend the rest of her life pursuing she knew that an important decision like this needed to be well researched and heavily considered. This had to be scientific. Using the age old method some of the greatest discoveries of our time can be attributed to she very carefully, with immense focus and precision, pointed at her computer screen and said "eenie, meenie, minie, moe". Industrial design it would be. Sarasota had no idea what industrial design was, so of course she clicked submit. It is without a doubt the best decision she never really made.

While attending DAAP, Sarasota has worked for Fossil, Movado, Gilmore Group and Herbst Produkt where she focused primarily on rebrands, CMF, trend forecasting, and small hard good design. In 2016 she began working on a side project called Napbar (an idea inspired by the many car naps taken in between school and her serving job). After pitching the idea to M4, a Chicago based private investment office, they agreed to partner with her on the initiative. Within two months of her putting the idea to paper it reached executive desks at both American Airlines and Delta board meetings. While the project never made it to fruition, the point for Sarasota was in seeing that regardless of age, if you have an idea and are willing to put in the work you can be heard.

In her final semester, Sarasota is working to solve the many issues with the hospital administered ambulatory pump bag. Her thesis balances medical, practical, and emotional needs of outpatient diabetes, pain management and chemotherapy patients. An issue close to her heart, Sarasota intends to continue developing the project until it is in the hands of those who need it.