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Simon Leclerc


Simon Leclerc is a creator striving to elevate our interactions with the manufactured world.



Consumer Electronics
Furniture & Home Goods



Growing up, Simon was always a tinkerer and had a great proficiency for fixing things, mostly due to his equal proficiency for breaking things. From tearing apart his parents' VCR when he was a kid, to building furniture and working as a carpenter in high school, his affinity for working with his hands lead him through life. By the time he was 17, he realized that he had procrastinated long enough, and that now would be a great time to figure out what he wanted to do when he grew up. Like all great tinkerers, he considered mechanical engineering, but quickly realized it involved a lot of high-level math and science (which he hates), and almost no hands on work. It wasn't until the beginning of his senior year of high school that Simon heard about industrial design through a family friend. After an extensive Google session, he realized that ID encapsulates the creative process he loves so much, and bypasses the high level calculations he dreads. It was a perfect match, and UC was the perfect school. Not necessarily because he always wanted to live in Cincy, but because they didn't require a portfolio for admission, which was convenient since he didn't have one.

Simon's next five years were spent in the revolving door of school and co-op semesters, and each year was a new adventure. He spent his first two semesters of co-op working for Catalyst Product Development in Indianapolis. At Catalyst he gained valuable experience in designing for manufacturing and injection molding processes. Next up, he took his co-op journey to the east coast spending his third co-op working for InSync Design in Whippany, NJ. InSync, like Catalyst, is a consultancy, and this semester helped cement the notion the he loves consulting, and he loves the Midwest. He realized that the greater New York City area is a great place, but it's not a place he wants to call home. For his 5th co-op, Simon stayed local and worked on the product innovation team at LPK Brands in Cincinnati. There, he worked amongst a large (250+) multidisciplinary team to create new product solutions for a multitude of clients, both big (Fortune 50) and small. 

Looking forward to his future post-grad, Simon plans on staying in Cincinnati to continue to explore the city and culture that has become home during his time in college. Immediately after graduation, he plans to work for a consultancy in order to continue to build his toolbox of skills, with the ultimate goal of being able to spend his free time working on the multitude of side-hustles he has been putting off during his time in college.